Bořetice – from a separate domain to a free republic

The village has 1,300 inhabitants, 173 hectares of vineyards and 260 cellars. Bořetice neighborhood from time immemorial has been used for agriculture, as evidenced by the finding of a large settlement 5000 years old. The most important monument is the church of St. Anne's from 1680, since 1879 have Boretice own parish. At the site of today's cultural center became a belfry, from which the robot was called, in 1848, was demolished as a symbol of oppression. Vineyards in the famous mountain called bořetické cows resemble early as 1355. Winery strongly influenced by Habana, who resided in the village in the years 1545-1605 and in houses number 13 and 71 had a wine cellar.

The cellar alley

The vineyard on the boat

Granted in 1567 Burian Tetaur Tetovo village of privilege in which they agreed to pay Bořetickým for work in vineyards - at that time were Boretice separate estate. After the Thirty Years War was the original cultivation measuring just 178 38th Finest vineyards in Cow mountains, vineyards in the hills of the track is not currently cultivated, because they are poorly accessible for mechanization. To 19 century lay between the village of Cow Mountain and Lake Kudělka, so vintners cellars to receive the boats, even the poor in washtub. Cow Over the mountain stands 12 meters high tower and dedicated it to St. Hubert poklonka. Nearby there is a nature reserve with rare Zázmoníky steppe plants. The loess clays are doing extremely red wines: Blue Port, Lemberger, St. Laurent, Andre, Merlot and Zweigeltrebe. The white varieties are grown Neuburger, Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Traminer and Müller Thurgau. Growing demand for almost disappeared Sylvaner, which was formerly the most common variety, so it bears a general designation Moravek. The local soil fertility suggests the story of bořetickém citizen who developed a great pumpkin so that it is the grape harvests Hotař hiding from the rain.

Viticulture and wine inspired humor

Right in the village is located over twenty cellars, of which the oldest dating from the 16th century. Bořetice pride is a large basement area north of the village on the slope below the Cow Mountain, which owes its name to the former pasture. Above the river is spread Trkmanka wine village, where in double rows with basements is 230 mills. Upper and Lower frejd (the name comes from the hedge, which had previously been fenced upper and lower limits of the vineyard) adjacent to the transverse rows of cellars Aluminium and abroad. In Upper frejdu is mounted separately from the 18th-oriented mills century. Hanging pitched roof provide input protection from the weather. Entrance to the mill in the middle of the front walls, doors have a goal, which the mill closed during the fermentation of musts for ventilation. Shield over the entrance, which is equipped with a feeding hole wooden door, served as a hayloft. The oldest mill buildings include the former mayor Frolicha with cellar No. 49 dated year 1794 and Stanislav cellar Petrasek, who bears the name of ventilation openings Fabian Fiala and year the 1818th Lower frejd separated from the Upper Kravihorskou Wailing Wall, the square is Vinckově Chapel St. Urbana with a monument to deceased tenants. Stamping of the original earth cellars and began building up in the interwar period, most of them come from the 60s the last century.

Points of interest

Typologically eaves are largely ground-based mill to bind in a continuous row. The building of mills in the Lower frejdu remembers Mr. Gruz:

"The brick we went with horses to Hodonín. It is thirty kilometers, so the morning went out at night and at midnight we were back. And we have taken from the brickworks chlapom Carboys, loaded to us sooner than others in the queue. Once me because he wanted someone well beaten. But I had a good horse, so I brought in one go over a thousand bricks. "

The entrance in front is often framed porch and front has a color obrovnávku. Cellars are eclectic, using motifs from the tourist grateful Podluží or Kyjovsko, is often unfortunate wall cladding tiles (more on frejdu Upper, Lower frejd is architecturally consistent as originated in a short time interval). The area the hotel is Cow Mountain, called crayons, which greatly disrupted the character of small growers colony basement. Foreign mills are already on the land adjoining the village Němčičky. It stands on the site of the excavated clay pit, where the war took place illegal throws. Since 1953, the mason built Vrbice Michna of Francis, who asserted that most of the cellars had its typical stone facade with arched windows broken. Lane is the latest in Hliníkách, even if we can find some old cellars (eg No. 114). On 12 November 2000 established the Federal Republic of pranks Free Cow Mountain, which is intended primarily to promote the winery. It has its own government and president are elected on the date of municipal elections, Cow Mountain Bořetické anthem, emblem, postage stamps and currency kravihorec, which is equivalent to the euro. Citizens Republic is characterized Kravihorské great warmth and hospitality, are various wine happenings - use kravihorské Army, a protest against the cold wind caused a giant wheel in the Prater.

Where you can taste wine

Winery Springer -, Tel: 519 430 385, 606 710 485

Family winery Jedlička + Novak -, Tel: 602 854 662

The festivities associated with wine

Easter exhibition of wines

Open Cellars Day (May)

Wine Fair (June)

Expedition André region (30 June)

Zarážní Mountains (in August and September)

Running for Bořetickým Heurigen (October)

New wine in Celebration of St. Martin

A young wine, the blessing of St. Stephen
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