Nový Šaldorf-Sedlešovice - Znojmo winery famous Premonstratensians

Since the beginning of Moravian wine trails on the square in Znojmo Comenius path leads to the famous wine cellars first community buildings and continuous cycling You beat it in fifteen minutes. Gateway to the New-Saldorf Sedlešovice is a bridge across the river Thaya, whose fords three original village formed. The oldest? Yl Saldorf old, today gave the name of the village settlements, which arose only in the 16th century. Cultural heritage is the late Gothic column, which was built as a memorial to Sedlešovice widespread flooding in the village. Area vineyards of both communities merged area is 200 hectares, which is dominated by aromatic white varieties. Vineyards are located in the lines above the cellars, the valley, the best location and the subsoil has sedlešovická Cow Mountain, famous especially unique flavors Sauvignon, excellence achieved here and Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. The first vineyards in the Znojmo region has established the Roman legions, the great wine-growing development occurred during the Great Moravian Empire. In connection with the missions of Cyril and Methodius and the need wine for liturgical purposes, the modern embrace of vineyards planted some monastic communities, especially in Znojmo Premonstratensians who in 1190 founded a monastery in Louka near Znojmo. The tradition of winemaking in the site of today's settlement grew and cultivated German population that settled the region at the time of colonization Přemyslid territory. Forced evacuation of the original settlers after the 2nd World War II interrupted the development of not only winery in the county, but he forget the traditions and customs, which the inhabitants of the village lived for centuries. The level and importance of wine in the village before the war can only infer from the number and size of the wine cellars and vineyards Kuhberg Famousness century. New settlers who came mainly from Wallachia, had no experience with viticulture and hardly able to build on the work of previous generations. Before 1989 the village was only a few small growers, who produce wine for their own use. The only official producer of wine was the local agricultural cooperative, which, thanks to success at national wine shows excellent reputation and established the Blue šaldorfských cellars and wine. Today, New Agrodružstvo Saldorf with Blue cellar and its own wine shop in the basement alley, only one of many wineries that reputation is confirmed by local wines. Since the early 90 years was in the village of a dozen family wineries, some of which only continued the efforts of their ancestors, which thwarted the communist coup. In 2003, associated to the winemakers Guild of Vintners New Saldorf-Sedlešovice and their excellent wines can be tasted in the wine cellar in the basement of the guild No. 20, called for the axles.

The cellar alley


Blue Cellars

The center of growing colonies, which stretches along both sides of the path leading to the south, is being used as underlying historical 18th-Nov century. The complex "Blue" cellars is one of the largest in the Znojmo district, more than 180 buildings wine occupies an area of ​​nine hectares and consists of basement square 800 meters long. Secrets of a listed file name Blue Cellars is hidden underground. Subsoil material in which they are excavated cellars, are blue-gray sandstone permeated layers of clay, which give the impression of a bluish interior decoration of the basement. The specialty is technology and digging cellars, which were gradually dug into the length and breadth. Apart from "blue" cellars are in the area and buildings whose vaults are of brick. In the New Saldorf occur mill linked the two together, each with its own entrance, cellar and press. Common is only the roof, where it is (at least in the opinion of the current owners) in this way to save material. U.S. mills are mostly owned by two related families, most often the father and son. The ground floor of the mill cellars, mostly oriented eaves are built mostly of brick, only the oldest of them was used clay or stone masonry. Brightly colored plaster are usually smooth, typical of basement structures in Znojmo is a combination of coarse plaster with smooth ribbonwork around inlets and windows. Ground section separated from Lisen gable box with small air holes and wooden door to the attic. Older mills historical and architectural value are mainly on the right side of the area, building modern wine left of the road provide greater comfort and often meals and accommodation.

Points of interest

The renaissance of indigenous traditions of wine grape Society of Friends seeks goats. This association of friends and wine draws on narrative history of pre-war population of the village and in cooperation with local winemakers restores customs and rituals associated mainly with the figure of Grape goats.

Where you can taste wine

New winemakers Guild Saldorf-Sedlešovice - 515 267 053,
New Agrodružstvo Saldorf - 515 227 046, 515 267 383,
Špalková family winery - 515,243,802, 515,267,098,
Hotařská Carol (the three kings) - Society of Friends grape goats

The festivities associated with wine

Competitive exhibition of local wines (Easter Sunday)
Wine tasting on the occasion of the cycling race znovíncup (beginning July)
Wenceslas Day (on Wenceslas)
Arrival of St. Martin and tasting of young wines (Saturday after the feast of St. Martin)
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