Invitation to wine-cellar streets

Please accept our invitation to Moravia, to the county generous nature, bright sun and hospitable people. Will take you unique streets listed cellars in Petrov, Vlcnov, Blatnice or Paul, a unique complex of cellars to Vrbice sites and ancient cellars in Znojmo. You will know the history and present of wineries, ancient legends and traditions, life in the cellar lanes today and in the days of our great-grandfathers.

You will discover a region where viticulture and wine inspired the creation of folk songs, customs and traditions, and where the work in the vineyard and in the cellar still determines the rhythm of life of the local population and formed their souls. Visit the county sociable people and places where time has stopped. A stop will certainly, for the day that you spend in the wine cellar to life does not count ...

The secret wine cellars you can go by bike, on foot, by train or by car. The publication can be found roadmaps, including four wine region and eleven Moravian wine trails that can inspire you when planning a trip around the cellar lanes of South Moravia.

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