About Moravian Wine Trails

Moravian Wine Trails is a long-term project to protect the cultural heritage and develop wine tourism in South Moravia. Since 1999, the Moravian Wine Trails have been performed in cooperation with 280 viticulture villages and many other partners. Of the ten former wine regions, each has its own circuit of wine trails. All trails are interconnected by the main Moravian Wine Trail, so visitors can spend one day or several days getting to know the folklore, wine and monuments on the network of cycling trails, with a total length of 1200 km
All directional and informational signs contain the logo of Moravian Wine Trails. Each of the 11 vineyard trails has its own colour of the logo to indicate which cycling path you are on. In some villages, you can find an information panel with a map of trails in that given region. Although, the extensive network of cycling routes is only a part of the project aimed at improving infrastructure tourism in the region. The vineyard trails are connected with respect to the countryside, folk traditions and restoration of cultural wine heritage.
Moravské vinařské stezkyZnojemsko Velkopavlovicko Mikulovsko Slovácko SkalickáČR

Signs of Moravian Wine Trails

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